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Racist recruiting practices
To preface, this is not a "revenge review", but a heads up on this company if you are a person, at least, of African descent. I am an ESL teacher with 13 years of experience teaching in middle school to university in Japan, an M.A., and a TESOL license. I wanted to experience Korean culture, schooling practices, and learn a new language if I could, so I applied. My contact, Anna Jeon, liked my resume, sent me information on what I would need to get a visa and inquired when I would be able to come. She then asked me to send her a picture. I sent the picture and it would be the last time I would hear from Ms. Jeon. Repeated courteous followup emails and tweets were not returned, but their advertisements continued to run in TEFL.com. By the initial email I received from her and her firm, they seemed eager to move forward with the application process, but communication stopped when they saw my picture and saw I was a black man. So as a word of warning, if you are a person of color, Korea Global Connections probably doesn't want you.
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Written By: neoyamaneko About 3 years ago Report 2735 Views


About 1 year ago
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013

Dear ESL teachers united;

My name is Anna Jeon from Korea Global Connections.

Im sorry for belated reply to your email dated in Nov 8th 2011. I
found out recently that review on your website and searched mail box
and found out the email that you sent below email to me. I think I
should have checked the website but unfortunately we couldn't do that.

First of all Im sorry for the applicant.. I should have emailed follow
up email. It was my mistake.

Our company is trying to do our best to applicants regardless of
Gender,age,race . Truly I admit sometimes we make mistake not to
follow up each applicant's emails and that shouldn't have happened.
And from this reviews, I realized our mistake could be huge issue to
some people and might make people hurt. Hence our company will put
more effort and time to reply to each applicant emails promptly.

I would like to ask if you could put the review off from the website.
If you would like to have any email address who found job in Korea
through our company who was African American , please feel free to let
me know..They would be happy to say that their experience.

Thank you for taking your precious time and read this email. I'm
looking forward to hearing from you soon.
About 3 years ago
We have waited a week for a response from Korea Global Connections and have received none as of yet.

We will say this, many managers of schools and people involved in ESL recruiting are terrible at basic email follow-up and email etiquette. It is not unusual to have a clear line of communication with a contact until they have all the documents they want. Than, just as suddenly as they appeared in your life they disappear only to reappear weeks and sometimes months later.

The huge jump prospects make to racism or prejudice in hiring almost always involves having sent their pictures. Employers in Asia are following a totally different set of legal rules when it comes to hiring and often their rules are clear employment bias in western countries.

1) asking race
2) asking religion
3) posting ads requesting "ONLY FEMALES"
4) Asking age
5) denying employment to people of color, including other Asians, or denying employment to people of older ages

There is no denying that this labor practice needs to be stopped. This is one of many issues ESL Teachers United is rallying the support to end via our countries legal entities (congress) and the United Nations.

In the meantime, it is disheartening that a company would let this go without making an attempt to at least separate themselves from a charge of "Racism in Hiring".

Regardless, the practice will not change until ESL Teachers unite on an international front and stop doing business with companies and schools that choose unequal hiring practices over the good of Academics.

We can only wait for more reviews to see what the overall hiring record is of Korea Global Connections.
About 3 years ago
This is the reason for ESL Teachers United and this section, the ESL reviews. Though individual situations may not change, insuring that this info is available to future prospects makes it harder for these schools and companies to continue their unsupervised and blatant labor discrepancies. Best one can do now is wait for a response and hopefully others will step up to the plate and give their reviews so that the "big picture" is clearly understood.
About 3 years ago

Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2011 01:36:49 -0700 [01:36:49 AM MST]
From: eslschoolreview@eslteachersunited.org
To: kgcabc@gmail.com, kgcabc@hotmail.com
Subject: New Recruiter Review: International ESL School Reviews & Ratings
Dear Korea Global Connections,

We would like to inform you that your recruiting company has received a new review at:


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You can copy/paste the link into the browser and read your review.We encourage you to comment directly in the review.

We also want to invite you to add your corporate profile to the International ESL Yellow Pages Directory. It is free to list your companies corporate profile.


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About 3 years ago
Here's the ad. As you can see, I was more than qualified....

My name is Anna Jeon from Korea Global Connections.KGC is based in Seoul. We have been recruiting since 2002 and have over 100 good reputation private language institutes to work with.

Please Read more Testimonials: http://kgcesl.com/ESL/testimonials.htm

Pandios Manias ( USA )
When I first started looking into working as a teacher in Korea, I did alot of research. Needless to say, there were horror stories out there about bad recruiters. Anna was not one of them.....

Debbie Dunne ( UK )
When I decided to come to Korea, I was initially put in contact with another agency working with schools in Korea. After many months of frustration and misinformation I decided to try Korea Global Connections.....

Louise Harrop (UK)
First of all i would like to say how great Anna was and the organization Korea Global Connections in general. The company were great at replying and organizing everything efficiently and promptly. If i had any troubles, worries or questions Anna was always so fast to answer me and helped me step by step with every procedure......

All school has their own set curriculum and the directors speak English fluently.

Currently we are looking for teachers who can start from Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb . We have good networking with teachers who we have placed in Korea. If you have any questions about teaching in Korea, the teachers will welcome you to help you out to offer any information. If you have immediate question, please add me to your skype or MSN.

Instant Contact: Anna Jeon
MSN messenger: kgcabc@hotmail.com
Skype ID: kgcabc1
Website: http://www.kgcesl.com/

E-mail us the following documents and info or fill out our application form : http://www.kgcesl.com/job/application.htm

1. Resume (Microsoft Word file, or copy/pasted in the body part of an e-mail)
2. A recent digital photo
3. Earliest date of availability
4. Phone number and current location
5. Country of citizenship
6. Applying for a position alone or for a couple positions
7. Do you have a valid passport at least good for another 6 months in hands?

Common Benefits:
Starting date: On going
1)Salary: 2.1M~2.5M per month ( Its around 1900 USD~2300 USD per month . Depending on your experience and qualification)
2)Round Trip airfare is purchased by school
3) Only working M~F ( weekend is off)
4) teaching 6 hours a day
5)Fully furnished free single housing
6)Low income tax 3.3 ~5%
7)One year contract. After one year, you will get one month bounce
8)English speaking director will help you
9)Pick-up Service from Airport
10)Less than 12 students per class
11)50%medical support from school.
12) 8~10 paid days vacation.

* Positions are all over the Korea. You can start Anytime.*
* First submit your resume to us, We will contact you right away*
* We are accepting your application all the time*
* Visit our website to see more available jobs and vis rule : http://www.kgcesl.com/index.html

Positions are all over the Korea. Every month there are openings
You don't need to have teaching experience and tefl certificate.
We are accepting your application all the time*

Visit our website to see more available jobs and visa rule : http://www.kgcesl.com/index.html

After I sent in my application, I got this in reply less than 6 hours later:


Dear Raymond

My name is Anna Jeon from Korea Global Connections Thank you for your submission to us. I will do my best to find you a good and suitable positions.

I have attached information of necessary visa document, please take a look at it and order it asap.

Can you tell me when you plan to come to Korea?

Can you email me resume written in MS word and recent colour photos ( smiling photo will be great!)?

I sent the photo and it would be the last I would hear or get out of her.
About 3 years ago
This, unfortunately, is a way too common thread throughout ESL but we would be willing to bet statistically highest in Asia. As for "revenge reviews"....hell...we are all for them! Reviews are reviews and how that review ends up on type is well...relative to the reader. Great reviews are accepted too.

As recruiters and schools are "creatures of nature" when it comes to posting jobs and generally "copy / paste" from one site to another......go ahead and copy / paste their ad in here as well. We want to have the "actual" ad versus us trying to guess which one it was.

In addition, you rating is still incomplete or you just gave them a flat out ZERO, which is fine too. Any additional info that is missing in their listing you can edit.

If you have a copy of any contracts sent by them, feel free to email them to esllegal@eslteachersunited.org.

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