Domino English Learning Centre (Gulshan-e-Iqbal)

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Franchise Language Center
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8 Main Rashid Minhas Road, Block-5
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+(92) 21 3497 6831 / +(92) 3496 6114
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+(92) 34818381
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Children, Teenagers, Adults, Conversation English, ESP English, Private Classes, TOEFL iBT, Business / Corporate English, E-Learning, Teacher Training, TEFL Training, Summer Programs
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It’s one of Pakistan’s best known and the most experienced English language centre with a great choice of study programmes. In Karachi our Campuses are situated in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Defence, Karimabad, Malir, North Karcahi and Shahrah-e-Faisal. In Rawalpindi our Campus is situated at Chandni Chowk (Murree Road). [See All]. We offer you a superb range of English language courses allowing you to improve your English with the best curriculum, environment and the most professional care possible.
Experience: DOMINO is more than just a name. It started more than a decade ago with unrivalled experience and solid achievements in the field of English language. Thousands of students have benefited from our unique courses.
An Academy With Modern Techniques: As we have entered into the new millennium, new opportunities are everywhere. There are limitless opportunities in education and business as well as in our professional and social lives. You can only make the most of opportunities if you make the most of yourself.
DOMINO is the first English learning centre in Pakistan which offers English language courses using an audio video and headphone system. After a placement test, the centre places the student in the study programme according to their English language requirements. We offer courses to suit everyone such as Pre-Foundation, Foundation, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Advanced, Business English, TOEFL, IELTS, Professional English courses and Teacher Training workshops. Summer Camp and Junior English courses are also offered for school children.
Teaching Staff: DOMINO has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers to help students reach their areas successfully. All our teachers take a personal interest in each student’s progress with regular reports.
Ideal Location: DOMINO is centrally located making it easily accessible from every corner of the city.
Facilities: DOMINO is equipped with everything that students need to assist them in learning English. We offer up to the minute facilities and resources: Specially designed books to meet the needs of Pakistani students. An exciting and interesting English audio and video system ensures that the students improve their speaking and listening skills in English. Comfortable student lounge where students can exchange their work. Highly qualified instructors; friendly and caring staff. Well-equipped AUDIO and VIDEO labs with individual headphone facility. Spacious and air-conditioned classrooms. Classes are monitored through close circuit TV cameras. Internet facilities for female students. A strict educational environment. All the progress tests are computerized. Computerized dictionary for all students. The final results of students can be seen online. A monthly news letter communique for the students & by the students. 
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